Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Java JSP - Servlet Tutorial -- Part 1

Servlet –Tomcat configurations

Before we start, About me , I am a lazy reader  and if I get a document, what I usually do is to scroll it in search of an Image and focus on it, rather than reading it .This documents are mainly targetting that type of audience :) 

Step 1) Assume you already setup Java/JDK 7  and Eclipse

Step 2) Running servlet First we need to install Tomcat server 7.0

Go to http://tomcat.apache.org/download-70.cgi and download the Windows Service Installer.
Execute the installer exe file and go through it like this:
Click Next

You have to agree the license agreement.

Choose “Normal” type to install.

 Configure your Tomcat with this adjustment.

 Choose install location & click install.

 When Tomcat installation completed open your eclipse IDE. Then open “Window” -> “Preferences” a new dialog will open.
In this dialog you should navigate to Runtime Environments.
Click “Add…”
 Choose your tomcat version (v.7.0) and click “Next”.

 Then maintain a name and the tomcat installation directory
 That’s it.
We have to take into account that Tomcat depends on java so it will look for the system variable JAVA_HOME which will indicate where is the java installation. Example: JAVA_HOME=" C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_21"
Once the server is started we can see if it works with any Browser writing http://localhost:8080 and we should something like:

Go to your Tomcat Installation directory. There you can see a Webapps Directory, which is the one contains the webapps to be deployed. You can also place the WAR (Webapp Archive) file for deployment here. 

 http://localhost:8080  Pointing to \{tomcat installation  dir} \WebApps. 

Inside the folder webapps\ we create a folder first-servlet\ which will be the name of our web aplication and inside it we create a file named welcome.html with the following content:
<title>Coders global</title>
      <h1>Study servlet</h1>
      <p>Hip, hip ,hurreyyyyyy<br/>got in tomcat Web.</p>
We go back to the Browser and point to http://localhost:8080/first-servlet/welcome.html and we should obtain our First Page:


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